What the Heck

Is going on here… and well may you ask.

Well, yes, I have just copied a whole load of content over from another site – mainly because Posterous went bust and my LJ is a ghost town . But also because I might start doing some writing about books and sf and such again soon, and in the meantime there might be some interviews coming….

watch this space!

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  1. Nice name for a Blog! I was thinking of asking you for a post-apocalyptic reading list and lo…the forum is here…so what would you recommend?

    Ones I can think of:
    The Road – Cormac McCarthy, oh Lord, it has to be more cheerful than that…?

    Nightsiders – Sue Isle, post-meltdown WA, I liked that a lot.

    Michael Moorcock’s Count Brass? Hmmm, see how desperate I am? I never could decide if that was post-apocalypse or alternate world?

    Nancy Kress Beggars Trilogy…?

    I suspect I’m missing out on something big…:-)



  2. Hey Chris!
    Hmm – this might need to turn into a post itself – perhaps when the snapshot is over at hte end of next week. In the meantime both of the authors interviewed so far – Graham Storrs and Jane Rawson have pretty incredible books that is not exactly post-apocalyptic are pretty scary in the way they have factored climate change and peak oil into their sf – so go check out ‘Office of Unmade lists’ and ‘True path’. Jane is also working on a non-fiction book about climate change.
    Most of the P-A books I’ve been reading recently are YA – mainly because I’m working with someone working on YA and post-disaster YA novels. Ones I’ve enjoyed – Claire Zorn – The sky so heavy; and Julianna Baggot, the Pure trilogy. Another great ‘rebuilt world’ series is the tribe books by WA indigenous author Ambelin Kwaymullina – http://www.thefirstwood.com.au/
    That should hold you for a bit! Maybe I’ll start a list here…

    • Those’ll keep me busy for a while! :-) Thank you.

      I thought of another: The Windup Girl…I know, not everyone’s favourite read, but must be P-A?



      • For sure – Windup girl does amazing things with extrapolating climate change scenarios, but a lot of the gender stuff I found hard to take :-)

        I’ll have to dig up the amazing list of PA one of my PhD students has done up (she’s also a pretty well known aussie sf writer) – if I get her permsision maybe I will start a reading list here!

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