In my other life, I am an academic and a Science Fiction and Fantasy critic, editor and fan. I’ve published books and articles on feminism, science fiction, and science studies (listed below).

I have been a judge for a number of literary awards including the Aurealis (Australian speculative) awards, the international James Tiptree Jr award, and the Peter McNamara lifetime achievement award. I’ve also chaired panels and presented at  numerous writer’s festivals, conventions and academic conferences.



Grebowicz, M  & Merrick, H 2013. Beyond the Cyborg: Adventures with Haraway. New York: Columbia University Press.

Merrick, H. 2009. The Secret Feminist Cabal: A cultural history of sf feminisms. Seattle: Aqueduct Press.
Shortlist: Hugo award for ‘Best Related Work’
Honour list: James Tiptree Jr Award
Winner: William Atheling Jr Award for SF criticism

Merrick, H. & Tess Williams (eds) 1999. Women of Other Worlds: Excursions through science fiction and feminism, Perth: UWA Press.
Joint Winner: William Atheling Jr Award for SF criticism

Book Chapters

Genoni, P; Merrick, H & WIllson, M. 2009. ‘e-Research and scholarly community in the humanities’ in Nicholas W. Jankowski (ed) E-Research: Transformations in Scholarly Practice, New York: Routledge.

Merrick, H. 2009. ‘Fiction: 1964-1979’ in Mark Bould, Andrew M Butler, Adam Roberts and Sherryl Vint (eds) The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, London: Routeldge., pp.195-214.

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Merrick, H. 2008.  ‘Queering nature: close encounters with the alien in Ecofeminist science fiction’ in Wendy Gay Pearson, Veronica Hollinger and Joan Gordon, (eds), Queer Universe: Sexualities in Science Fiction, Liverpool: Liverpool U.P., pp.216-232.

Merrick, H. 2007 ‘Modest Witnesses? Feminist stories of science in fiction and theory’, in Margret Grebowicz (ed) SciFi I nthe Mind’s Eye: Reading science through science fiction, Peru, Il: Open Court, pp.213-29.

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Merrick, H.  1997. ‘The Readers Feminism Doesn’t See: Feminist Fans, Critics and Science Fiction’, in Deborah Cartmell, I.Q. Hunter, Heidi Kaye and Imelda Whelehan (eds), Trash Aesthetics: Popular Culture and its Audience, London, Pluto Press, 1997.

Journal Issues

Armstrong, J., Byrski, L., & Merrick, H. (Eds) 2014.’Reading and Writing Romance in the 21st Century’. Special issue of Australasian Journal of Popular Culture. Forthcoming.

Jorgensen, D. & Merrick, H. (Eds) 2010. ‘Science Fiction Histories’. Special Issue of Extrapolation. 51.1 (Spring).

Journal Artices (refereed)

Merrick, H. 2012. ‘Promoting sustainability and simple living online and offline: an Australian case study’. First Monday. 17: 12.

Merrick, H. 2012. ‘Challenging Implict Gender Bias in Science: Positive representations of female scientists in fiction’. Journal of Community Positive Practices. XII: 4:744-768.

 Jorgensen, D. & Merrick, H. 2010. “Introduction: Making Science Fiction Histories”, Extrapolation. 51.1 (Spring): 5-12.

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Genoni, P., Merrick, H. and Willson, M. 2006. ‘Scholarly communication, e-research literacy and the academic librarian’, The Electronic Library,

Merrick, H. 2005. ‘Alien(ating) Naturecultures: Feminist SF as Creative Science Studies’, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 5.4 (Fall):  Fem-scape issue

Genoni, P., Merrick, H. and Willson, M., 2005 ‘The use of the Internet to activate latent ties in scholarly communities’, First Monday, 10:12,

Merrick, H. 2004. ‘We was cross-dressing ‘afore you were born!’ Or, how sf fans invented virtual community’, Refractory: a journal of entertainment media, vol.6.

Larbalestier, J & Merrick, H. 2003. ‘The Revolting Housewife: domesticity & science fiction in the 1950s’, in Josh Lukin & Samuel R. Delany (eds), ‘Fifties Fictions’, Paradoxa: Studies in World Literary Genres #18, pp.136-56.

Merrick, H. 1998. ‘Slumming with the Space Cadets: An argument for feminist science fiction’, Outskirts, vol. 3, Nov. 1998. <>

In press/ in development

Merrick, H. ‘Virtual Simplicity? green citizenship and the simple living movement in Australia’.

Merrick, H. ‘The garden as contested zone: the role of gardening in the sustainable living movement’.

Other Articles

Merrick, H. & Lisa Tuttle, (c2011) “Feminism”, in John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight (eds), The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Third ed. Online resource.

Lisa Tuttle & Merrick, H. (c2011) “Women SF Writers”, in John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls and Graham Sleight (eds), The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Third ed. Online resource. women_sf_writers

Merrick, H. 2011. “Women in Science and Science Fiction: A Mutual Relationship?” Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Literary Quarterly, vol.1, no.4.

Merrick, H. 2009. ‘What’s a Bright Feminist Like You Doing in a Genre Like This? Reading Women’s Science Fiction’, Feminist Collections, v.30, no.1 (winter): 1-6.

Refereed conference proceedings

Genoni, P., Merrick, H., and Willson, M. 2005. ‘Community, communication, collaboration: scholarly practice in transformation’, The Next Wave of Collaboration: Educause Australasia 2005, Auckland, April 5-8.

Genoni, P., Merrick, H., and Willson, M. 2004. ‘Virtual symposia: an investigation into scholarly communities online’, Breaking Boundaries: Integration and Interoperability: 12th Biennial Conference and Exhibition of the Victorian Association for Library Automation, Melbourne, February 3-5.

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Kinnear, A. &  Merrick, H. 1999. ‘Global Sustainability and the Corporate University: Academic Women as Informed Outsiders’ in Winds of Change Conference Proceedings, Sydney, UTS.

Conference presentations

Merrick, H. 2013.’He may not be human, but at least he’s not sexist”:  gender politics in contemporary paranormal romance’ Reading and Writing Romance in the 21st Century (The Inaugural Elizabeth Jolley Conference), Fremantle, August 16.

Merrick, H. 2012. ‘The garden as contested zone: Nature and gardening in sustainable living movements’ Imaging Nature II, Tarraleah, Tasmania, June 20-22

Merrick, H. 2011. ‘Imagining better presents from worse tomorrows: using SF in sustainability studies’ Future Imperfect: 50th Australian National SF convention, Academic Program, Perth, April 21-25.

Merrick, H. 2010. ‘Networked Self-sufficiency: harnessing online communities for civic sustainability action’, Making Links Conference, Perth, November, 15-17.

Merrick, H. 2010. ‘What if? The science-fictional imagination and sustainable scenarios’ 68th World Science Fiction Convention Academic Program, Melbourne, Sept 2-6.

Merrick, H. 2009. ‘The women in science question: lessons from science fiction’. Conjecture: 48th Australian Science Fiction Convention. Adelaide, June 5-8.

Merrick, H. 2008. ‘Re-visioning the female scientist: speculations on women, science and science fiction’. Vision, Memory, Spectacle, Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association (AWGSA) International Conference, The University of Western Australia, Perth, 9-11 July 2008

Merrick, H. 2008. ‘More than a metaphor: the science in women’s SF’. SF Histories (Academic Symposium of the 33rd Australian Science Fiction Convention) , Perth, March 22-23, 2008

Merrick, H. 2006. ‘Letting students take control: designing collaborative learning exercises for virtual community’. Enhancing student learning: Evaluations & Assessment Conference, 30 Nov – 1 Dec, Perth, W.A.

Genoni, P., Merrick, H., and Willson, M. 2006. ‘e-research and scholarly community in the humanities’, AOIR 7.0: Internet Convergences International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, Brisbane, September 28-30.

Merrick, H. 2006.  ‘Doing Science Differently?: What feminist science studies can learn from Life’, Close Encounters, The 4th European Biannual Conference of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts, Amsterdam, 13-16 June.

Merrick, H. 2004.  ‘Othering Human: reinscribing difference in ecofeminist science fiction’ presented at ‘Biodifference’, BEAP 04: Same Difference, UWA, September

Merrick, H. 2003 ‘Will the Real Barbarian Please Stand up? Gender and Online gaming’, presented at AOIR International conference, Toronto, October.

Merrick, H. & Woods, S. 2003. ‘Ergonomics for the Mind: Do cyborgs dream of a transparent interface?’, Consciousness Reframed: The Fourth International CaiiA-STAR Conference, Perth.

Merrick, H.  2001. ‘Cross-dressing for the twenty-first century: Gender and identity in science fiction fan communities pre- and post-I.T.’, presented to ‘Traditions and Transitions’, 13th Congress of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research, University of Melbourne, July.

Merrick, H. 2001.’ Virtually Unique? – A socio-historical science fictional take on virtual community’ ANZCA Annual Conference: Transdisciplinarity, Perth.

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Merrick, H. 1996 ‘Fantastic Dialogues: Intersections in feminist theory, criticism and SF’, Speaking Science Fiction Conference, Liverpool University, July.

Merrick, H. 1996 ‘Engendering the Future: fantastic dialogues between feminism and SF’, Women’s Studies Network, U.K. National Conference, Pontypridd, Wales, May.

Merrick, H. 1996 ‘Feminists, Critics, Fans and SF or, How (not) to write a history of female fandom’, WisCon 20, Feminist Science Fiction Convention, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S., May.


























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