Green Goals Mega List

This list is partly to make sure I keep track of the progress I am making to live more sustainably, and partly in the hope that by making a public list I am more likely to try and make these happen.

So, in no particular order, the following is a continuously-growing list of things I want to try and attempt in the coming year/s. Some things I have done in the past, but want to incorporate as a regular part of our lives; others I have yet to try at all. Feel free to suggest additions to the list in the comments!

As I succeed I will cross them off the list …

  • Make ALL of our bread
  • Perfect my sour sough loaf
  • make all our jam
  • make ALL our own Yoghurt
  • make passata
  • make sun-dried tomatoes (preferably from our own tomatoes)
  • grow and plait enough garlic for the year
  • grow enough potatoes to last most of the year
  • grow our own onions
  • make vinegar
  • make mustard
  • try and make a Branston pickle equivalent!
  • Propagate enough Tasmania pepper bush to provide all our own pepper needs
  • Find local/bulk sources of most dry food needs (oats, grains, rice, nuts etc)
  • go supermarket free
  • build a solar oven
  • use solar oven to dry and preserve our fruit (apples, pears plums)
  • perfect my quince paste recipe
  • find low-sugar or sugar free way of making jams and jellies
  • Make cheese, especially feta, ricotta, haloumi,
  • Make enough good quality compost so I don’t have to buy any in
  • source free local manure for my veggie patch
  • make cider
  • make elderberry wine
  • Construct chook-friendly pasture system
  • conduct energy audit
  • build a small Solar PV system as back up to our on-grid system
  • find a home-made alternative to Vegemite!

2 thoughts on “Green Goals Mega List”

  1. Nice list! How’s your sour-dough coming along?

    And I love “Construct chook friendly pasture system”! That sounds interesting…are you going to plant a meadow?

    What about “Make your own mayonnaise”?


  2. Hi Chris!
    Yes I guess Mayonnaise should be on there – although Stew isn’t eating much of that nowadays…
    Pasture system.. I was reading a blog which recommended an ark-type arrangment that was movable and a series of paddocks/pastures which had plenty of plants and greens the chooks could eat .. the idea being that given they have a good amount of water, you can leave them for a week or so without having to worry about them being looked after. That’s as long as there are no quolls around here – but at least we don’t have to worry about foxes. I think the idea is that you also let them just roost in trees so they can make themselves safe. that may make it harder to find the eggs, however!
    But mu coop-making partner seems to have his heart set on a chook palace, so this plan may have to be modified!

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