Welcome to my latest attempt at blogging, after many years of failed efforts!

Our family moved from Perth W.A. to Tasmania in mid 2013 in pursuit of our dream of a calmer, greener lifestyle with more time to spend on family, gardening and living.

My main aim with this blog isĀ  to try and keep track of my activities, as I am usually terrible at keeping garden diaries, planning, remembering how I made that fantastic recipe … you get the picture. I also want a place where family and fiends back in WA can keep up with our latest news and photos.

You will find older entries here – some imported from my Tumblr account which charts the very beginning of our journey in Tasmania, as well as much older entries from my LJ which documents some of my gardening and green interests back in Perth.

I’m also going to use this space as a way of keeping track of my efforts to make our everyday lives more sustainable in as many areas as possible, partly through my Green Goals Mega List.

Happy Reading!



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