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We have been having some glorious weather recently, including a few days that felt, well, too hot. Still nowhere near the usual Perth extremes, or recent awful weather in Melbourne, but still, over 30 degrees here feels really hot! IMG_0387Beautiful blue sky, looking up through the top of the enormous old apple tree at our front gate.

IMG_0371Midnight the chook having a stroll through the Veggie patch. The girls are pretty restrained, and since I have taken up all the path coverings (down to kill off grass) they have been very helpful weeding the paths for me.

IMG_0374Thriving calendula, given to me as seedlings by a friend, snuggling up to some tomatoes.

IMG_0388The view from our front gate. Never gets dull.

IMG_0285This pic is a bit fuzzy, but it is hard to get snaps of these little squatters. Black bunny and grey hare rocked up about a month ago and hop around with the wallabies and occasionally scare the chickens. (You can’t really tell from this photo, but these are BIG bunnies!) So far they haven’t done much damage to the veggie patch, but I’m increasingly getting anxious to fence it all in!