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Trying to capture bumble bees on camera is tricky. Wandering around the garden this morning trying to get a good shot I got up close and personal with a bumble bee having a total party in a poppy flower. It dived in right under the stamen and literally rolled around like a dog rolling in… well something more stinky than pollen. Twas a gorgeous sight. I didn’t quite manage to capture it, but did get a few good shots.

IMG_0317coming in to land…

IMG_0318dive! dive!


IMG_0315If you look closely you can just see the bee mid-roll inside the flower at about 5 o’clock.

These gorgeous little creatures also love to frolic in my pumpkin flowers, one of the reasons I assume my vines are so prolific.  Three Golden Nugget plants (from Southern Harvest seed – a fabulous local seed company) are currently sporting 50 or so pumpkins.

IMG_0323Some are only little and obviously they won’t all make it – a few young ones have been eaten by slugs, or are rotting.

IMG_0322There are still plenty that are already at a good size, so fingers crossed this will be a good crop!

A few more seedlings started later are scattered around the garden so will be interesting to see how they go compared with the main patch, which were planted out quite early (October I think) into mounds covered by black plastic to help warm up the soil.