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One of the big pluses about our new(ish) house was the quantity of mature fruit trees. Indeed it was one of the things that won me over, despite the fact the block was a lot smaller than I had originally hoped for. Already we have been losing a lot of produce to animals (mostly possums I assume), including our whole cherry crop which disappeared while I was over visiting Perth *sniff*. We’ve also lost pretty much all the fruit off the first two plum trees to become ripe.

A lot of this is due to the fact that the trees have not been properly pruned in a while, so many of them can’t be easily netted. However, it seems the critters have had enough of plums for a while, as we are starting to get a few. We have a one largish sized and one small plum just starting to produce, and also what is apparently some sort of greengage.


Oh. My. Goodness. I had never tasted a greengage before – they are absolutely divine! The other plums are pretty darned gorgeous as well. There is another plum tree absolutely bursting with small grape-shaped type fruit, so I think it is a Victoria.

In other sightings around the garden, another pumpkin coming along. I thought I only planted Golden nuggets, but this is very different from my other vines, so not sure what is going on there… maybe this is the nugget, and the other plants are something else? IMG_0418 And still we are waiting for the first ripe tomato. Lots of fruit on lots of healthy looking vines but no glimpses of red as yet. When we first came to Tassie in May our rental house still had quite a few cherry tomatoes still hanging around, so I still have hopes of a few months of tomatoes to come….