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So finally I get to blog about one of the things on my Green Goals Mega List. I can’t actually cross it off yet, until I have gotten into the habit of doing it regularly.

Miss 8 and I eat a lot of yoghurt – we like thick, plain nothing added yoghurt, and I have been buying local whenever possible so not cheap. I have made it before but the ‘recipes’ were always a little fussy in terms of what to put or wrap the yoghurt in over night (and I didn’t want to use a yoghurt maker). I got inspired by this technique so tried it out, with a few variations.

I sterilised some jars in a water bath in my stock pot, then originally was going to put my pot of milk into this using the same water as a double boiler. However it was taking too long, so I just put my pan straight onto the heat. Lots of ‘recipes’ say to just bring the milk to 80ºC then let it cool, so this is what I did (although the above technique says to keep it at this temp for 10 minutes or so). Cool it down to 45ºC then stir in some yoghurt. I’ve seen varying amounts recommended – I went with 1 tablespoon per litre. Whisk it in, then pour into the glass jars, put the lids on – and here is the genius bit which worked so well – put the jars back into the water bath (which had just been sitting on the back of the stove), put the lid on, wrap it in a towel and leave till the morning. The result?
Three jars of perfect yoghurt! I took the largest jar to strain off and turn into a thicker greek style. I might have left it too long and turned it almost into labneh. Had it on my usual breakfast with raspberries from my neighbour’s friend, strawberries from producer down the road, and some rolled oats. Very pleased with this process, so now I just need to soruce some local milk and get into the habit.