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The bed I planted out in early January is growing well now. Luckily I have all the varieties written down even though  I  can’t remember what order they went in. This bed is yet more evidence of my new, ordered approach  to planting. Not only did I plant in neat little rows, I have also thinned the seedlings already. I might be moving more towards the Steven Solomon school of planting, though no doubt he would have been horrified to see how close together I put the rows, as well as the actual seeds. This was not entirely my fault – I was using for the first time a seed dispenser given to me by my Dad – turns out for the fine seeds you still really need to mix them with sand.

So I took the plunge and thinned out seedlings early, something I usually fail to do. I feel so sorry for those poor little seedlings that are growing so strongly, their only fault the fact I put them too close to their neighbour. Usually I leave this stage until it is too late and too tricky to disentangle them. So we will see how this lot grow. I haven’t thinned the lettuce, spinach and silverbeet as I figure I can be eating those as baby leaves once the seedlings get a tiny bit bigger.

(The bed a few weeks later – looking a bit wilted, but now all watered and happy). So this bed contains:

  • Carrot – Amsterdam Forcing (Southern Harvest)
  • Swede – Laurentian Yellow (Golden Valley Farm)
  • Turnip – Hakurei F1 GVF
  • Parsnip – Melbourne Whiteskin
  • Beetroot – Early Wonder GVF
  • Lettuce – Salad Mix GVF
  • Lettuce – Oak Leaf Read SH
  • Spring Onion straight leaf GVF
  • Spinach – Steadfast SH
  • Silverbeet – Fordhook Giant SH (I think)
  • Zucchini – Costata Romanesco (SH) just two plants right at the end.

Yes a lot of different varieties, planted in very short rows across the width of the bed. I will be doing some succession planting of many of these but wanted to give them all a try, and only this bed was ready at the time! I also planted in punnets a load more of the Silverbeet, some Kale (Toscano/Cavolo nero – SH) and Broccoli di cicco (SH). I love my greens! You can never have too much spinach or silverbeet in my book. They still need to grow on a bit, which is good as I have run out of space again!