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Another cooking first for me yesterday – I finally made my own pasta from scratch (and in the process finally cracked out the pasta maker hubby received for his birthday about 4 years ago). I was inspired by re-reading through my Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Companion, looking for some nice pasta recipes and ways of using up peas and broccoli. I used the pasta instructions from Stephanie’s  Pappardelle with Peas, Lettuce and Prosciutto recipe, but played with the ingredients for the rest of the dish – omitting the meat, obviously, and also cream as I didn’t have any.

The pasta  is simple: 300g flour (I used the Italian 000 pasta flour), and 3 eggs. Mix it all together and knead lightly – you can add one more egg yolk if needed. Rest covered for an hour at room temperature, then put through the pasta maker. I was so impressed at how well it rolled and cut. Sadly my pictures of the freshly made pasta draped over the back of the kitchen chairs didn’t work out.

I made up some fresh basil pesto (basil, garlic, few cashews, olive oil, parmesan), and sauteed up spring onions, broccolini spears, baby spinach and fresh peas. Cooked the pasta (which only takes 2 minutes if it is fresh), stirred through the pesto, added the vegetables, then sprinkled a bit of extra parmesan on top.

IMG_0414Not the best photo ever, but all agreed it was delicious and the pasta was a total winner – it really does taste better fresh. Can’t wait to try making spaghetti and linguine next!