Sea world!!!!

We drove to the sea world resort and had pizza and watched telly. The next day we went to a before hours dolphin show, and after that i got to pat a dolphin!  Then we went on the log floom, dad was feeling sick so he went back to the room. I had a fruity ice cream thingy and i bought a necklace then we called georgies family, we met up with them and then we looked at all the animals. We played on a huge jungle gym, then soaked each other in castaway bay (me and georgie were in boats and we squirted the parents with water guns, but they did the same to us). We went to see a jet ski show, and i got yoghurt and chips (not together though 😷). Then we went to nickelodean land and me and georgie went on 3 rides there; first we did this teenage mutant ninja turtle peddle powered thingy, you had to peddle to go up and down while it was spinning. Then we did these jelly fish cup things, it moved around and you spun with this wierd steering weel. The last one was a spongebob submarine thing, it was one of those ones that goes up and down on a ramp whilst spinning, it was my favourite! Then we saw the full dolphin show;affinity. After that we watched a sea lion show. We rode on the submarine thing(this time with the mums) while dad came back and went on the storm coaster with paul (georgies dad). Then we bought ice creams; i got a double scoop, hokey pokey and cookies and cream, in a fancy con that had chocolate and sprinkles around the sides! While me and georgie were eating our ice creams, all the adults went on the jet rescue ride, then dad made mum go on the storm coaster and she freaked. Mum really didnt like the submarine thing but she went on it with us anyway (again). We went back to our rooms then went down to the pool for a bit.mum and dad went to the bar and left me to watch tv, i soon remembered we had wifi soooooooo……. Guess what? I WATCHED APHMAU! (Nup you were so not expecting that). Then georgie came down and we……… WATCHED EVEN MORE APHMAU!!!!!! (U were not expecting that either). We watched aphmau till the evil parents kicked us off (lol) and despite my enormous ice cream i still got dessert!

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