Last days of camping…..

We left the sea world resort (without georgie) and went to mermaid beach, we decided to play mini golf! There where three games all of them with 18 holes! We started with water ways then fun run, but we didn’t finish jungle trail. After mini golf we went to a caravan park, where we met up with georgie again, we played pokemon go for ages then went to bed.

The next day we left the caravan park and tried to find somewhere to stay. Mum thought she found south west rocks so we went there, it  was actually somewhere else, the road on the way in had lots of potholes and then when they were over we drove through a creek. When we arrived there was nobody there! We set up and went to bed.

The next morning we got up and dad went to get more fire wood, me and mum went on a hidden walking track, we thought it would come out on a beach but instead there was almost a kilometre of sand dunes and the beach was really far away, we went to a big sand dune and rolled down it. Then we came back to camp and met up with dad. I spent most of the day making minecraft skins, then we went to show dad the sand dunes, i almost walked to the last sand dune, but mum and dad called me back. We saw a huge goanna,After that i made more skins, had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we went to mum and dads friends clare and steves house, i played with thier 2 kids until they were put to bed, then i watched aphmau for ages, and played love letter. The next day we left and went on a big drive to albury manor where they also had wifi i watched tv and aphmau.

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