After staying at a free campsite for a night, we went on the ferry to fraser island. We had to wait for our room to be cleaned, and then we went to the sand bar for dinner. I had pasta and a ben and jerrys to take back to our room, i also played on this cadbury machine thingamagig. We went back to the room and i ate ice cream and watched tv.

The next morning we went on a canoe paddle up a creek, we learnt about an a underground aqua-fare that provides fresh water to the island. We came back and lazed by the pool (or in my case, in the pool) for the rest of the day. 

For our 2nd day we went on a beauty spots tour, first we stopped at a creek and we walked to the top, dad walked back in the creek, and me and mum went back normally. Then we stopped at a bush walk and did that,then we had to wait ages because some chinese people who didn’t understand English accidentally stayed behind at a entry to the walk. After that we went to a buffet lunch. Then we went to lake mckenzie and tried to go swimming in the freezing water. For dinner we just had snacks and i got to watch tellie!

On our last day we basically lounged at (or again in my case in) the pool all day. We had a buffet dinner, and a buffet desert! 


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