The Keppel experience

After another day in the hotel, we packed our bags and prepared to go on the ferry. On the way it was really bumpy (kinda like a rollercoaster) and loads of fun. We arrived on Great Keppel island, the ferry docked on the beach (not even at a pier) and we got wet feet trying to get off. We went to the bistro and mum and dad had coffee and i got a chocolate cake and 3 danishes. We went to our cabin by the beach, it was literally right next to the beach. I started reading dad a book called ‘The golden compass’, after that me and mum went to the beach, there had been a big storm so the beach was full of debris. We played card games and went to bed.

The next day mum and dad were in a mad rush for coffee, so we went down to the bistro and i got buffet breakfast, when i was getting food a mum and her 2 year old came up and the mum asked if her kid could have a hug, turns out there were 2 kids (Dot: 2 years and Nina: 4 years) , a baby (Stan: 6 months) and their parents (Wes and Stacy). They also lived in thhe cabin next to ours. I played a game called roll through the ages (solo mode) and set a high score of 53 (i played again later and increade it to 57) Then we played a game and picked up loads of debris on the beach, there was coral, sea urchins and even fish fins! I won and mum came second, with dad came last. Then we went with Stacy’s family down to the beach and went swimming, i got dunked multiple times trying to catch the waves. We went to the bistro so mum and dad could have a drink, then we went back to have dinner.

The next morning mum and dad were in a mad rush for coffee (AGAIN). Later we decided to go snorkelling, we went down to shelving beach with Wes. Dad went on a path there and me mum and Wes swam around, i used a board that you lie on and can see under water. When we got to shelving we got our snorkelling masks on and started, my mask kept flooding so i had to use the board, but the water was murky, so one minute you cant see a thing and then you scraping your belly on coral (we came at low tide, SO SILLY). We came out of the water (it was cold) and we all started down a path to the other beach (the way dad came) but…… DAD LEFT OUR SHOES ON THE OTHER BEACH!!!!!!!! Yeah…. You’re probably thinking ‘thats not too bad, its just an ordanairy beach path’! NO. YOU ARE VERY WRONG! IT WAS HORRIBLY PAINFULL! When you think of a path to beach, you think of a nice pleasent sandy path, right???? WRONG!!!!!! IT WAS A CLIFF, THEN A ROCKY CLIMB. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!! IT WAS BASICCALLY A RIVER BED WITH A WATERFALL ON THE OTHER END!!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! JUST CALL IT A HIKING TRACK!!!!!!!! NOT A PATH!!!!!! Anyway…… Dad ran to the other side and brought back our shoes! YAY! 

On the last full day we went on a snorkelling cruise to wreck beach. We went out on a sailing boat, then we took us to the coral on a dingy, we had to jump off the side. It was really awesome, but my mask wasnt working. We went into a shallow area and mum tried to fix my mask, on the way out we saw tons if really cool fish. It was full of coral and was really fun.

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