ANOTHER day recount

Ok…… I think its been 3 days, or maybe 4 but anyway, here goes;

Day 1: soooooo, turns out the caravan park actually had really bad wifi, and in the morning it was so painful trying to watch Aphmau, it kept on freezing. We packed up and left, we came to a place called The Capricorn caves. We played a lot of games and went to the pool, IT WAS FREEZING!

Day 2: We got up and i made loads of minecraft skins. We went into the outskirts of a town called rockhampton. We got back and chilled for the rest of the day.

Day 3: me and mum went on a cave tour, it was really fun but dad didnt come. There was an optional exit that was really squishy and zig zaggy, then we went over 2 swinging bridges, mum did not like them, AT ALL! Then we left the caves and went to a town called yapoon ( haha, Ya poo n) we stayed in a place called roslyn bay resort (YES WIFI 4 DAYS!) yeah… Turns out there wifi couldnt reach our room (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!😾😿)  but there was tv (oh, OK!) i watched tv( all night) and went to bed.

Day 4: i got up and watched tv, basically all day,  And then…. A random guy came and….. Guess what? HE FIXED OUR WIFI OMGOMGOMGOMG! HE PUT A WIFI REPEATER, IN OUR ROOM!!!!!!! I WATCHED APHMAU UNTL DINNER AND EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!!!! 


One thought on “ANOTHER day recount

  1. Muffin

    Lol! The last scentence doe. hi Toffee! Awwww! Sounds like ur having so much fun over there. U should have secretly took me with u! But anyway… Yeah. Lol

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