More pics

A view off a bridge


Mini golf at the bellingham maze!

Veiwing platform in the Bellingham maze

In front of  Cobb n co. ( sorry about the white blur, its a string thing off my ipad cover)

A girl getting her hat back off the rangers horse (not the same ride as us) ( again sorry about the blur)

ME GOT DYNOMITE, HEHEHEHEHE! (Not real) Train ride. ( across from me=Kayla, next to Kayla= Chelsie, next to me= Rayna, next to Rayna= Mia)

Me and Kayla (nice pic)

Me and Kayla ( silly cray cray pic)

Me and Kayla ( again) ( OMG I ONLY JUST NOTICED, I LOOK TALL!!!!!!)

Dont ask me, i have no idea why dad; A: put towels on the camper trailer, and B: took a photo of the camper trailer!? Or maybe it was mum, meh its still weird! 

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