Day recounts 2!

So again….. I havent written for about 7 days!

Day 1:

We left the channon and went to byron bay. We split up with georgies family. We had lunch at a cafe called dip, then got a bunch of books. We drove to mount warning (apparently i went there as a baby) and yeah…..

Day 2:

We got up and it was pouring with rain! It rained all day! We sat around reading and doing nothing all day. It was so boring!

Day 3:

We left mount warning, and drove into Queensland. We went to yatala pie shop, the best pie shop in Queensland! Then we drove around looking for a campsite, they all sucked so we stayed in a motel. It had wifi but it was down for a week (WHY?!??!!!)! I did get to watch TV though!

Day 4:

We woke up at the motel and went to the bellingham maze, it was right nextdoor! To get in you walked through a waterfall, it paused for 40 (it felt like less…) and i got wet. First we did mini golf; it was an 18 hole course and dad thrashed us. Then we did the timber maze; we had a quiz sheet, at every dead end there was a word scramble, on the way out we did the ‘blonde’ maze, it was SOOO hard (sarcasm). When we finished we did a tyre maze; we had to walk on planks in the order red, blue, green, over and over again, mum finished first, then me, but dad gave up. After that we did some puzzle mazes. First; we had to turn a box without letting the ‘books’ fall out, then we had to go through colours in the order red,blue,yellow. Then we did the big hedge maze; we had to find dwarfs and coloured posts all through the maze, it took forever and was really hard. Then we came to an awesome campsite called Cob and Co. I went to the flying fox till about 8 pm and then went to bed.

Day 5: 

We went to the eumundi markets, i had pancakes for breakfast and got some sunglasses and a locket. Then i went to the flying fox and made a friend called Kayla. They repaired another flying fox which was much better for older kids. 

Day 6:

I went on a mini train ride with Kayla, the bush ranger used a cap gun and shot at the train, he stole Kayla’s brothers hat. Then i went to a platypus hole with Kayla’s family. Then we played cards and went on the flying fox. In the evening we went to a talent show and watched the bush ranger give a horse demonstration.

Day 7:

Today we left cob n co. I got Kayla’s imessage and we are techpals (like penpals but with technology). We came to a caravan park with really good wifi, later we went to the pub and on the way back i got lollies. We are going to play a game called love letter. Bye for now.