Day recounts

Ok….. I havent posted for 3 days, so i will do a recount on the most important stuff that happened.

Day 1:

Me and mum went down to the beach and went for a walk, we saw a mini blowhole and found a pinnapley thingy and took it back to camp for dads “present”. (Location: smokey cape.)

Kangaroos outside the tent in the morning!

Kookabara in the trees!

Ladybug house thingamajig!

Day 2:

We moved to woody head campsite, it was basically a caravan park and it sucked. But on the way we saw DA BIG BANANA!

Day 3:

We left in the morning and had the first shower on the trip. Then we went to the amaze ‘n’ place and did a maze quiz thingy i won and had to show mum and dad out of the maze. Then i got an amazing iced chocolate and we headed to our next campsite. It was in someones garden and next to a paddock with cows and a horse.

Day 4:  

Me and georgie went to vist the horse, her name was soly and she’s about 30 years old! Then the mums took us to the macadamia castle, Its an animal sanctuary  with mini golf.  We went to a frog talk and found out that a fungus is killing off most of our frog species. Then we went to this ‘adventure treehouse and  flying fox’ it was a huge dissapointment. The treehouse was tiny and we were expecting a zipline flying fox, but it was so small we touched the ground. Then we fed the baby lambs and goats, the lamb tried to rip my bag apart. We petted rabbits then played mini golf, after 9 holes we went to a wombat talk and found out that wombats are also dieing out. We finished mini golf then went on kangaroo walk and fed them. After that we went to reptile talk and got to handle a blue tongue lizard, a spotted python called cleo and a estuarine(saltwater) croc called chomp. They had to hold the crocs mouth closed with tape so he wouldnt bite anyone.

Fun fact: crocodiles can lose thier teeth 100 times and every time the grow back bigger and stronger.

Then me and georgie went on a train ride around the castle and got icecream and milkshakes.


3 men goto a hotel they pay 10 dollars each, 30 dollars all together. Later, thereceptionest realizes they paid 5 dollars too much, he sends the bellboy to give them thier change. On the way he remembers that you cant devide 5 by 3, so he gives each of the guests a dollor and pockets the other 2. The guests paid 10 dollars each, then got 1 back, so they paid 9 dollars each. 3 x 9 is 27, the bellboy pocketed 2 dollars, 27 + 2 is 29, so where did the other dollar go?!

Leave your answers in the comments (include reasons)!

3 thoughts on “Day recounts

  1. Grandma

    Hi Julia – it sounds like you are all having an amazing time – especially with all the animals, as I know how much you love animals, and thanks for all the interesting information about them. We didn’t know some of the facts, so it just goes to show that you’re never too old to learn! (I’m still working on the riddle, by the way – I know that I know it – I’ve just forgotten it at the moment!)
    Wish we were having nice sunny weather like you – I think we’ve only had one sunny day since you left!
    Daisy is fine – apparently she was a little naughty at the beginning – she was probably missing you all, but she is fine now.
    Must go – looking forward to your next blog.
    Love, grandma & grandpa. xxxx

  2. Karen

    Hi Julia, looks like you are having a lovely time! I love mini golf!! Glad you are seeing lots of animals – and thank you for all the fascinating facts!!
    Panda and I have been trying to solve your riddles but haven’t managed too yet!!! Haha
    Looking forward to the next update!!!
    Hugs from us xx

  3. Chris

    The Riddle: the missing dollar dropped into a drain and got washed into the ocean never to be seen again?

    Nice blog.

    Can we have some pictures of plants please?


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