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Colour: I am a beautiful gold and white she cat Eye Color: Amber Clan: Riverclan Rank: Warrior, now a queen Apprentice: Honeypaw, because I am a queen, she was given to Ivystripe until my kits are apprenticed Mate- Breezefeather Kits- Fawnkit, Lilackit, and Blazekit each are about 5 moons old Mother- Mistyrose Father- Whitestar, Leader of WindClan Sister: Lilacstream, Medicine cat of Windclan

Last days of camping…..

We left the sea world resort (without georgie) and went to mermaid beach, we decided to play mini golf! There where three games all of them with 18 holes! We started with water ways then fun run, but we didn’t finish jungle trail. After mini golf we went to a caravan park, where we met up with georgie again, we played pokemon go for ages then went to bed.

The next day we left the caravan park and tried to find somewhere to stay. Mum thought she found south west rocks so we went there, it  was actually somewhere else, the road on the way in had lots of potholes and then when they were over we drove through a creek. When we arrived there was nobody there! We set up and went to bed.

The next morning we got up and dad went to get more fire wood, me and mum went on a hidden walking track, we thought it would come out on a beach but instead there was almost a kilometre of sand dunes and the beach was really far away, we went to a big sand dune and rolled down it. Then we came back to camp and met up with dad. I spent most of the day making minecraft skins, then we went to show dad the sand dunes, i almost walked to the last sand dune, but mum and dad called me back. We saw a huge goanna,After that i made more skins, had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we went to mum and dads friends clare and steves house, i played with thier 2 kids until they were put to bed, then i watched aphmau for ages, and played love letter. The next day we left and went on a big drive to albury manor where they also had wifi i watched tv and aphmau.

Sea world!!!!

We drove to the sea world resort and had pizza and watched telly. The next day we went to a before hours dolphin show, and after that i got to pat a dolphin!  Then we went on the log floom, dad was feeling sick so he went back to the room. I had a fruity ice cream thingy and i bought a necklace then we called georgies family, we met up with them and then we looked at all the animals. We played on a huge jungle gym, then soaked each other in castaway bay (me and georgie were in boats and we squirted the parents with water guns, but they did the same to us). We went to see a jet ski show, and i got yoghurt and chips (not together though 😷). Then we went to nickelodean land and me and georgie went on 3 rides there; first we did this teenage mutant ninja turtle peddle powered thingy, you had to peddle to go up and down while it was spinning. Then we did these jelly fish cup things, it moved around and you spun with this wierd steering weel. The last one was a spongebob submarine thing, it was one of those ones that goes up and down on a ramp whilst spinning, it was my favourite! Then we saw the full dolphin show;affinity. After that we watched a sea lion show. We rode on the submarine thing(this time with the mums) while dad came back and went on the storm coaster with paul (georgies dad). Then we bought ice creams; i got a double scoop, hokey pokey and cookies and cream, in a fancy con that had chocolate and sprinkles around the sides! While me and georgie were eating our ice creams, all the adults went on the jet rescue ride, then dad made mum go on the storm coaster and she freaked. Mum really didnt like the submarine thing but she went on it with us anyway (again). We went back to our rooms then went down to the pool for a bit.mum and dad went to the bar and left me to watch tv, i soon remembered we had wifi soooooooo……. Guess what? I WATCHED APHMAU! (Nup you were so not expecting that). Then georgie came down and we……… WATCHED EVEN MORE APHMAU!!!!!! (U were not expecting that either). We watched aphmau till the evil parents kicked us off (lol) and despite my enormous ice cream i still got dessert!


After staying at a free campsite for a night, we went on the ferry to fraser island. We had to wait for our room to be cleaned, and then we went to the sand bar for dinner. I had pasta and a ben and jerrys to take back to our room, i also played on this cadbury machine thingamagig. We went back to the room and i ate ice cream and watched tv.

The next morning we went on a canoe paddle up a creek, we learnt about an a underground aqua-fare that provides fresh water to the island. We came back and lazed by the pool (or in my case, in the pool) for the rest of the day. 

For our 2nd day we went on a beauty spots tour, first we stopped at a creek and we walked to the top, dad walked back in the creek, and me and mum went back normally. Then we stopped at a bush walk and did that,then we had to wait ages because some chinese people who didn’t understand English accidentally stayed behind at a entry to the walk. After that we went to a buffet lunch. Then we went to lake mckenzie and tried to go swimming in the freezing water. For dinner we just had snacks and i got to watch tellie!

On our last day we basically lounged at (or again in my case in) the pool all day. We had a buffet dinner, and a buffet desert! 


The Keppel experience

After another day in the hotel, we packed our bags and prepared to go on the ferry. On the way it was really bumpy (kinda like a rollercoaster) and loads of fun. We arrived on Great Keppel island, the ferry docked on the beach (not even at a pier) and we got wet feet trying to get off. We went to the bistro and mum and dad had coffee and i got a chocolate cake and 3 danishes. We went to our cabin by the beach, it was literally right next to the beach. I started reading dad a book called ‘The golden compass’, after that me and mum went to the beach, there had been a big storm so the beach was full of debris. We played card games and went to bed.

The next day mum and dad were in a mad rush for coffee, so we went down to the bistro and i got buffet breakfast, when i was getting food a mum and her 2 year old came up and the mum asked if her kid could have a hug, turns out there were 2 kids (Dot: 2 years and Nina: 4 years) , a baby (Stan: 6 months) and their parents (Wes and Stacy). They also lived in thhe cabin next to ours. I played a game called roll through the ages (solo mode) and set a high score of 53 (i played again later and increade it to 57) Then we played a game and picked up loads of debris on the beach, there was coral, sea urchins and even fish fins! I won and mum came second, with dad came last. Then we went with Stacy’s family down to the beach and went swimming, i got dunked multiple times trying to catch the waves. We went to the bistro so mum and dad could have a drink, then we went back to have dinner.

The next morning mum and dad were in a mad rush for coffee (AGAIN). Later we decided to go snorkelling, we went down to shelving beach with Wes. Dad went on a path there and me mum and Wes swam around, i used a board that you lie on and can see under water. When we got to shelving we got our snorkelling masks on and started, my mask kept flooding so i had to use the board, but the water was murky, so one minute you cant see a thing and then you scraping your belly on coral (we came at low tide, SO SILLY). We came out of the water (it was cold) and we all started down a path to the other beach (the way dad came) but…… DAD LEFT OUR SHOES ON THE OTHER BEACH!!!!!!!! Yeah…. You’re probably thinking ‘thats not too bad, its just an ordanairy beach path’! NO. YOU ARE VERY WRONG! IT WAS HORRIBLY PAINFULL! When you think of a path to beach, you think of a nice pleasent sandy path, right???? WRONG!!!!!! IT WAS A CLIFF, THEN A ROCKY CLIMB. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!!! IT WAS BASICCALLY A RIVER BED WITH A WATERFALL ON THE OTHER END!!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! JUST CALL IT A HIKING TRACK!!!!!!!! NOT A PATH!!!!!! Anyway…… Dad ran to the other side and brought back our shoes! YAY! 

On the last full day we went on a snorkelling cruise to wreck beach. We went out on a sailing boat, then we took us to the coral on a dingy, we had to jump off the side. It was really awesome, but my mask wasnt working. We went into a shallow area and mum tried to fix my mask, on the way out we saw tons if really cool fish. It was full of coral and was really fun.

ANOTHER day recount

Ok…… I think its been 3 days, or maybe 4 but anyway, here goes;

Day 1: soooooo, turns out the caravan park actually had really bad wifi, and in the morning it was so painful trying to watch Aphmau, it kept on freezing. We packed up and left, we came to a place called The Capricorn caves. We played a lot of games and went to the pool, IT WAS FREEZING!

Day 2: We got up and i made loads of minecraft skins. We went into the outskirts of a town called rockhampton. We got back and chilled for the rest of the day.

Day 3: me and mum went on a cave tour, it was really fun but dad didnt come. There was an optional exit that was really squishy and zig zaggy, then we went over 2 swinging bridges, mum did not like them, AT ALL! Then we left the caves and went to a town called yapoon ( haha, Ya poo n) we stayed in a place called roslyn bay resort (YES WIFI 4 DAYS!) yeah… Turns out there wifi couldnt reach our room (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!😾😿)  but there was tv (oh, OK!) i watched tv( all night) and went to bed.

Day 4: i got up and watched tv, basically all day,  And then…. A random guy came and….. Guess what? HE FIXED OUR WIFI OMGOMGOMGOMG! HE PUT A WIFI REPEATER, IN OUR ROOM!!!!!!! I WATCHED APHMAU UNTL DINNER AND EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!!!! 


More pics

A view off a bridge


Mini golf at the bellingham maze!

Veiwing platform in the Bellingham maze

In front of  Cobb n co. ( sorry about the white blur, its a string thing off my ipad cover)

A girl getting her hat back off the rangers horse (not the same ride as us) ( again sorry about the blur)

ME GOT DYNOMITE, HEHEHEHEHE! (Not real) Train ride. ( across from me=Kayla, next to Kayla= Chelsie, next to me= Rayna, next to Rayna= Mia)

Me and Kayla (nice pic)

Me and Kayla ( silly cray cray pic)

Me and Kayla ( again) ( OMG I ONLY JUST NOTICED, I LOOK TALL!!!!!!)

Dont ask me, i have no idea why dad; A: put towels on the camper trailer, and B: took a photo of the camper trailer!? Or maybe it was mum, meh its still weird! 

Day recounts 2!

So again….. I havent written for about 7 days!

Day 1:

We left the channon and went to byron bay. We split up with georgies family. We had lunch at a cafe called dip, then got a bunch of books. We drove to mount warning (apparently i went there as a baby) and yeah…..

Day 2:

We got up and it was pouring with rain! It rained all day! We sat around reading and doing nothing all day. It was so boring!

Day 3:

We left mount warning, and drove into Queensland. We went to yatala pie shop, the best pie shop in Queensland! Then we drove around looking for a campsite, they all sucked so we stayed in a motel. It had wifi but it was down for a week (WHY?!??!!!)! I did get to watch TV though!

Day 4:

We woke up at the motel and went to the bellingham maze, it was right nextdoor! To get in you walked through a waterfall, it paused for 40 (it felt like less…) and i got wet. First we did mini golf; it was an 18 hole course and dad thrashed us. Then we did the timber maze; we had a quiz sheet, at every dead end there was a word scramble, on the way out we did the ‘blonde’ maze, it was SOOO hard (sarcasm). When we finished we did a tyre maze; we had to walk on planks in the order red, blue, green, over and over again, mum finished first, then me, but dad gave up. After that we did some puzzle mazes. First; we had to turn a box without letting the ‘books’ fall out, then we had to go through colours in the order red,blue,yellow. Then we did the big hedge maze; we had to find dwarfs and coloured posts all through the maze, it took forever and was really hard. Then we came to an awesome campsite called Cob and Co. I went to the flying fox till about 8 pm and then went to bed.

Day 5: 

We went to the eumundi markets, i had pancakes for breakfast and got some sunglasses and a locket. Then i went to the flying fox and made a friend called Kayla. They repaired another flying fox which was much better for older kids. 

Day 6:

I went on a mini train ride with Kayla, the bush ranger used a cap gun and shot at the train, he stole Kayla’s brothers hat. Then i went to a platypus hole with Kayla’s family. Then we played cards and went on the flying fox. In the evening we went to a talent show and watched the bush ranger give a horse demonstration.

Day 7:

Today we left cob n co. I got Kayla’s imessage and we are techpals (like penpals but with technology). We came to a caravan park with really good wifi, later we went to the pub and on the way back i got lollies. We are going to play a game called love letter. Bye for now.

Day recounts

Ok….. I havent posted for 3 days, so i will do a recount on the most important stuff that happened.

Day 1:

Me and mum went down to the beach and went for a walk, we saw a mini blowhole and found a pinnapley thingy and took it back to camp for dads “present”. (Location: smokey cape.)

Kangaroos outside the tent in the morning!

Kookabara in the trees!

Ladybug house thingamajig!

Day 2:

We moved to woody head campsite, it was basically a caravan park and it sucked. But on the way we saw DA BIG BANANA!

Day 3:

We left in the morning and had the first shower on the trip. Then we went to the amaze ‘n’ place and did a maze quiz thingy i won and had to show mum and dad out of the maze. Then i got an amazing iced chocolate and we headed to our next campsite. It was in someones garden and next to a paddock with cows and a horse.

Day 4:  

Me and georgie went to vist the horse, her name was soly and she’s about 30 years old! Then the mums took us to the macadamia castle, Its an animal sanctuary  with mini golf.  We went to a frog talk and found out that a fungus is killing off most of our frog species. Then we went to this ‘adventure treehouse and  flying fox’ it was a huge dissapointment. The treehouse was tiny and we were expecting a zipline flying fox, but it was so small we touched the ground. Then we fed the baby lambs and goats, the lamb tried to rip my bag apart. We petted rabbits then played mini golf, after 9 holes we went to a wombat talk and found out that wombats are also dieing out. We finished mini golf then went on kangaroo walk and fed them. After that we went to reptile talk and got to handle a blue tongue lizard, a spotted python called cleo and a estuarine(saltwater) croc called chomp. They had to hold the crocs mouth closed with tape so he wouldnt bite anyone.

Fun fact: crocodiles can lose thier teeth 100 times and every time the grow back bigger and stronger.

Then me and georgie went on a train ride around the castle and got icecream and milkshakes.


3 men goto a hotel they pay 10 dollars each, 30 dollars all together. Later, thereceptionest realizes they paid 5 dollars too much, he sends the bellboy to give them thier change. On the way he remembers that you cant devide 5 by 3, so he gives each of the guests a dollor and pockets the other 2. The guests paid 10 dollars each, then got 1 back, so they paid 9 dollars each. 3 x 9 is 27, the bellboy pocketed 2 dollars, 27 + 2 is 29, so where did the other dollar go?!

Leave your answers in the comments (include reasons)!

Day 4

This morning we got up and went to the beach. We were bored so we tried to run away from packing up. Georgie came in our car and we played loads of games in the car. We arrived at our new campsite and had to collect firewood. Sorry about the short boring sentences. My parents started setting up the tent (after they went to get wine LOL) . Me and georgie played for a while then everyone sat around the campfire telking jokes and riddles.


A man is in a room/place their is a stick on the floor and a pile of sawdust, if the man saw the sawdust he wouldnt of killed himself. The man is the smallest man in the world, he works in a circus, the “stick” is a ruler. Why did he comit sucide?!         Leave your answers in the coments!